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KM20 Cafe

KM20 has become the first place with functional foods in Moscow to visit.

Inspired by her own dietary choices, Olga Karput, KM20 founder, gathered the team to do a really nice healthy cafe that breaks the mold of what people think such places are.

Our whole idea is to present this lifestyle in an aspirational and modern way. Every person who lives in a big city needs to ensure what he consumes, whether it’s information, clothes, music, art or food. To keep up with everything, everyone needs to stay active and healthy. We have created our new menu for those modern and fashionable people. Each dish and drink is created to maintain your well-being and health, whether it is cold pressed juices, fresh salads, or desserts based on superfoods. We vote for a healthy lifestyle that is affordable and convenient for every person with an active lifestyle.


KM20 has become one of several new vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurants in Moscow where vegans and meat lovers can break bread together. You don’t have to be vegetarian to eat vegetarian food. We are here for people who want food that’s better for them and to become healthier. We try to offer plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan alternatives.

The menu is vegetable-forward. In-house production is one of the things that make us unique. We prepare all kinds of drinks like Kombucha and Rejuvelac, bake bread and flatbreads, cook homemade pasta, sprout seeds and make our own ice cream and sorbets. Everything happens inside our kitchen under the guidance of our experienced team.

KM20 menu is based on healthy meals made from local and seasonal products that are rich in vitamins and minerals. We serve breakfast all day long and the desserts are made of whole ingredients without refined sugar, flour and eggs. All our milk is made from soaked seeds and nuts, and it reduces enzyme inhibitors and improves health. We do our best to offer the widest range of nut milk in town, such as almond, walnut, hazelnut, hemp, hemp matcha and chocolate hemp. We always try to be ahead of our time, and now have an opportunity to change not only people’s appreciation of fashion but also of good food.

All the wines selected for our very special wine list complement our superb menu and reflect KM20's ideology. The wine list is based on organic and biodynamic wines made in complete harmony with nature. Each bottle will simply delight both the wine lovers and health-conscious citizens.


Our guests like to have breakfasts and lunches in KM20 wide light space with lots of plants and crystals listening to mixes from our good friends and djs. During the meal you can play chess or backgammon and after it have a couple of ping pong sets. Quite and friendly atmosphere of our cade is just perfect for business meetings, and in the evening the space is turning into a great platform for funny and relaxed celebrations.


  • Working hours 11:00-00:00

  • Telephones +7 (495) 987-22-20

  • Bill 2000 rubles

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